LIVE New Wilmington is a local initiative


LIVE New Wilmington is a promotional campaign developed and supported by the New Wilmington Economic Development Corporation (EDCOM). New Wilmington is a hub for talented artists, top quality education institutions, one of a kind locally-owned businesses, a picturesque environment, and caring neighbours. Revitalization efforts are already underway to help amplify a robust and welcoming community.

It’s an exciting time to LIVE and VISIT New Wilmington!

Be sure to check out and support our ever-expanding list of fabulous local businesses!

Have you noticed something different (and beautiful!) happening in town?! Read about our work and a very exciting new initiative on Market Street!


New Wilmington is a place where your neighbors know not just your name, but will happily lend out tools, extend an invitation for a backyard barbecue, and bake blueberry muffins for the new family on the block.


May 18
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
May 24
May 25
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